March 13 Update

As the concern about COVID-19 and its potential implications grows, I wanted to reach out and update you on how things are here at Emmanuel Home.

Thankfully, we have not seen any signs of COVID-19, so we are in ‘prevention’ mode in order to keep it that way.  However, we are all aware of how quickly things could change, so we have enacted our long-standing and thorough Infection Prevention & Control protocols.  In addition to our regular cleaning and hand hygiene practices, some of the other measures we’ve taken include:

  • Cancel large groups that were scheduled to come visit Emmanuel Home
  • Cancel recreation events & field trips that would have happened out in the community
  • Preventative measures in our dining room to avoid cross-contamination and sharing of common utensils & dishes
  • Request that all staff who have traveled internationally, or have direct family members who have traveled internationally, in the last 14 days to self-quarantine for a 2 week period

We are not in a full ‘lockdown’ mode, and so there are still activities going on within the Home itself.  We have not enacted a ‘Visitor Restriction’, either.  As a contracted Service Provider with AHS, we are involved with the many updates and recommendations that come out in terms of recommendations and measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are asking for your cooperation in following the necessary considerations, to help keep our residents and community safe:

  • Please refrain from visiting if:

o    You, or someone you are in direct contact with, have travelled internationally within the past 14 days.

o    You have any cold-like symptoms such as cough, fever and/or sore throat.

We will send out an updates if things change or progress.  If you have any questions you can contact myself, Donna Callahan (Director of Programs) at, or Laura Pothoven (Director of Operations) at  Also, if you would like to update or add an email address to this distribution list, please let us know.