Regular Updates from our CEO

July 13 Update

Effective today, July 13th, the Visitor Restrictions have been lifted by Public Health. This means that anyone can visit Emmanuel Home, and residents no longer need to assign that DSP role to specific people.

May 26 Update

We have received updated Public Health guidelines for Emmanuel Home. While COVID-19 is still an ongoing concern, I am encouraged that we are reaching the point where we can start peeling back the layers of restrictions on everyday life!

May 7 Update

Beginning this Monday, May 10th, new changes will take effect around the visitor guidelines for Emmanuel Home.

April 14 Update

Good afternoon, everyone, I’d like to take a few minutes to update you on our status at Emmanuel Home. First and foremost, we have remained clear of COVID-19 since the outbreak lifted a little over a month ago. We are very thankful for that! However, our guard is up and our overall concern level is rising as we see COVID-19 rates in the general community going up. We know that many of our residents’ families have COVID-19 in their household or surrounding community.

March 5 Update

Well, two weeks ago I said that I hoped you wouldn’t get another email until March 5th. Here we are! We’ve completed the 14 day waiting period after the last positive case was resolved. The official ‘outbreak’ status can now be lifted! We’re also encouraged that residents received their second dose of the vaccine this past Wednesday.

February 19 Update

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Here at Emmanuel Home, things are progressing in the right direction!

February 8 Update

I’m pleased to report that there has been no change in our active COVID cases at Emmanuel Home. We continue to have just the one staff member and one resident who are positive, and they are both doing well!

February 4 Update

Well, about 24 hours after the update yesterday, I have to report that things have changed, unfortunately.

February 3 Update

I’m happy to let you know that as of this morning, our one resident who tested positive for COVID-19 has now recovered! We’re thankful that the resident has made this progress, and also that we have not had any more positive cases in the last 14 days.

January 25 Update

I hope this email/memo finds you well….and warm! Unfortunately, we have a new COVID case at Emmanuel Home. On a positive note, we are confident that the transmission came from a source outside of Emmanuel Home, and it is not linked to any transmission from within our own residents and staff.

January 20 Update

Unfortunately, I must be the bearer of discouraging news this morning. After getting a heads up about the immunizations from AHS, and then a follow-up confirmation yesterday, the vaccine rollout for Emmanuel Home has been postponed once again.

JAnuary 19 Update

We just received confirmation that the vaccine is being made available to all of EH’s Home Care & Independent residents tomorrow! (Wednesday, January 20th)

January 15 Update

Good afternoon, everyone, We can officially declare that we have zero active cases among our residents! We are thankful for this news!

January 11 Update

Last week I sent out an email about the vaccine being made available to all of Emmanuel Home residents and half of our staff.

January 5 Update

Another week! Tuesdays are the ‘swab’ days here at Emmanuel Home, and we continue on with the weekly routine of testing in order to stay ahead of the COVID outbreak.

December 29 Update

I hope you had a somewhat restful Christmas weekend, despite the change to all our ‘normals’ this year! The situation at Emmanuel Home has evolved over the past few days as test results have been coming in.

December 22 Update

I’ve attached 3 documents to this email, and I encourage you to read through them as they help explain how we all need to approach the upcoming Christmas and New Years’ holidays.

December 21 Update

Unfortunately, the update around lifting the outbreak that I was hoping to send this morning has to be put aside. We continue on, trusting and resting in the understanding that God is in control! Our traditions of gathering and celebrating the hope that comes with the Christmas season have all been put on pause, and that is difficult.

December 14 Update

At Emmanuel Home, things continue to trend in the right direction. We have not received any positive tests since November 23rd. Our last rounds of testing have all come back clean, and for this we are truly thankful!

December 9 Update

Another week, means another round of testing has been completed! Our last week’s results showed no new cases of Covid-19 for which are very thankful.

December 2 Update

Another day! We completed the third round of testing yesterday of staff & residents, and this will be a significant indicator of where we are at. Of course, we are hoping for a clear result that would enable us to look forward to ending the outbreak status sooner than later.

November 30 Update

I hope you had a restful and relatively quiet weekend. We’ve had a quiet week (in terms of new developments, at least!) at Emmanuel Home, and for that we are thankful.

November 24 Update

It’s hard to believe that we are already a week into the outbreak. The fear and anxiety is real and it’s so important to acknowledge these as legitimate and genuine emotions that many are feeling.

November 23 Update

As we take on a new week, we covet your continued support and prayers for the daily work, ongoing care, and overall culture of community that continues. One day at a time!

November 19 Update

Thank you for all of your communications over the past couple of days. There are, understandably, lots of questions, but there are also many notes of encouragement and support. This is much appreciated!

November 17 Update

I can now confirm that we have a single positive COVID-19 case at Emmanuel Home. We have rolled out all of the necessary outbreak procedures, and will do our absolute best to provide care, safety, and comfort in this challenging time as we not only battle COVID-19, but also maintain a high standard for the emotional and physical well-being of our residents.

November 15 Update

I hope that your Sunday is off to a wonderful start and you enjoy this day that the Lord has provided!

November 13 Update

Good morning, everyone, I’m sure that you all have been keeping up with the latest news and updates on COVID-19 in our province and city. While Emmanuel Home has managed to stay clear of COVID-19 to this point, we need to continue to be vigilant as the pressure grows on our health care system.

November 4 Update

I’m happy to say that Emmanuel Home continues to be free from COVID-19. This wouldn’t be the fact without the hard work and commitment of primarily our residents, but also our staff and close family members

September 17 Update

I hope this letter/email finds you well! It’s hard to believe that we are over 6 months into the COVID-19 world and also trying to soak up the early fall weather while it lasts. Things continue to roll along at Emmanuel Home.

July 22 – Safe Visiting Policy

Hopefully this is the last time you hear from me for a while! Thanks for your understanding and time as we work through these changes. Attached you will find the ‘Safe Visiting Policy’ for Emmanuel Home that comes into effect

July 23 – Survey Results

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the surveys & discussion over the past few days. We had a great response!

July 17 – Update & Survey

As you may have heard from Dr. Hinshaw yesterday, there have been new guidelines released to operators for outdoor and indoor visits.

July 13 Update

It’s been a while since our last COVID-19 update, and I hope this message finds you well & healthy! We continue to be COVID-19 free at Emmanuel Home.

Letter from the Board of Directors

Greetings from the Board! We thank the Lord for His continued provision and faithfulness. COVID-19 has presented a unique challenge for our organization

May 28 Update

We have received an updated Public Health Order from Dr. Hinshaw’s office. I want to summarize the message, as well as share the communication that will be sent to our residents today, so that you are up to speed on everything.

May 8 Update

As another week is ending, it’s great to report that there has been no change and there is no sign of COVID-19 in and around Emmanuel Home.

April 30 Update

As you may have heard from Dr. Hinshaw on April 29, there have been some official decisions and clarifications made in terms of outside visitation.

April 29 Update

We’re happy to report that there are no signs of COVID-19 in or around Emmanuel Home. We are thankful that we can continue to share this positive news!

April 16 Update

While this may be a long email, I hope that you feel confident in understanding the full picture of what is happening here.

April 3 Update

We are close to completing another week in this ongoing work in protecting Emmanuel Home from COVID-19 and all of its unknowns.  I just wanted to touch base and give you some updates on how things are going here.

March 25 Update

I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of support and cooperation we have received over the past couple of weeks. While all of us are focused on the ‘social & physical distancing’, please know that the community support that makes up the bigger Emmanuel Home family feels as close as ever.

March 16 Update

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation as we work to navigate this challenging time.  Updates and guidance continue to roll in from Alberta Health Services, and we are working to stay ahead of any of the latest developments.  Please rest assured that we are here and doing what we can to protect our loved ones!

March 13 Update

As the concern about COVID-19 and its potential implications grows, I wanted to reach out and update you on how things are here at Emmanuel Home.