Respite Care and Palliative Care

The Serenity Suite has been successfully furnished and is now fully functional, thanks to your generosity. We received our first respite guests in December 2018. Utilizing the Serenity Suite for respite care in addition to palliative care has many benefits.

Respite care is a short-term break for families and other unpaid caregivers, it is temporary and provides the primary caregiver relief for time to re-charge, vacation and/or attend to personal matters.

The suite is also ready to receive those who require end-of-life palliative care support in familiar surroundings. For more information contact the Director of Care, Marianne Peacock.

Respite Care Brochure

Palliative Care Brochure

Resident Support Services

The Resident Support Services program supports all residents of Emmanuel Home. It provides social, physical, emotional and spiritual support for them. Tini Oort is Emmanuel Home’s Resident Support Coordinator. She works with other staff to help residents achieve the greatest degree of independence and quality of life possible.  She helps residents adjust to living in Emmanuel Home by providing information, encouragement and support where needed. She may also support residents and their families dealing with difficult issues of dying and death and grieving.

The Resident Support Coordinator ensures that residents develop relationships with other members of the Emmanuel Home community and helps them to maintain contact with friends, family and other community members. As opportunities present themselves, the Coordinator will organize educational and counselling services such as seminars, workshops and support groups which are designed to help residents to live healthy and independent lives. In certain circumstances she may also develop individual activity plans with residents and their families that will reduce isolation and loneliness and help to encourage community among the residents. For more information contact Tini Oort.