April 3 Update

We are close to completing another week in this ongoing work in protecting Emmanuel Home from COVID-19 and all of its unknowns.  I just wanted to touch base and give you some updates on how things are going here.

I am pleased to inform you that we still do not see any signs of COVID-19 in Emmanuel Home, or in any of its immediate network (ie. Staff & their households).  As news comes out each day around the progression of the virus, including the devastating impact it has had on some of our colleagues in the seniors & care sector, we want to acknowledge the severity and fragility of this challenge.  In addition, we lift up those in prayer who have COVID-19 within their seniors’ community as they fight on the front lines.

The work continues to evolve here as we keep up with Alberta Health Services in the ongoing developments.  A few important notes:

  • Staff members are not permitted to work at multiple sites.  If they work at Emmanuel Home, then EH must be the only place they work during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Everyone who enters the building must go through the mandated screening procedures
  • Visitors continue to be limited to essential visitors only, meaning those who deliver an aspect of care that Emmanuel Home cannot provide, or those who are visiting someone who is palliative
  • Anyone who has symptoms such as cough, fever, etc., must remain in their room for 14 days.  Staff must not come to work if they experience any symptoms or have a direct connection to someone with COVID-19, and self-isolate.
  • Our dining room is closed.  Residents are having meals delivered to their rooms at no charge

New:  We have some inquiries about families taking in their parent(s) for a while to ease the strain of the isolation.  Please take note of the following:

  • You are most welcome to take in your parents and care for them at your home
  • However, once they leave to stay with you, they will need to stay with you until the pandemic is over.  Unfortunately, a significant unknown of this whole challenge is how long it will take.  What we don’t want is a back and forth of resident traffic
  • Regardless of how long they stay with you, they will have to self-isolate in their suite for 14 days once they return to Emmanuel Home. 

Overall, we appreciate your prayers and support as we go through this together.  Please pray for our residents, and for protection from not only COVID-19, but also the feelings of loneliness and distance.  Pray for staff as they tirelessly work to keep the residents safe & comfortable, and the building clean & safe.

Thank you for your ongoing support in dropping off groceries and needed supplies at the door, and for respecting the rules around screening and visits.  Also, thank you for your patience as we do our best to manage all of these new logistics!