May 26 Update

Good morning, everyone,

We have received updated Public Health guidelines for Emmanuel Home. While COVID-19 is still an ongoing concern, I am encouraged that we are reaching the point where we can start peeling back the layers of restrictions on everyday life!

The request for maintaining physical distancing at all times still remains. However, the following list of changes will take effect today:

  1. Residents are no longer required to wear masks inside.
    a.) Staff, visitors, and contractors all must continue to use a mask, as they have been.
    b.) Residents are still welcome to wear a mask, if they’d prefer!
  2. Residents only need to screen when they return from being off-site. There is no need to screen before they leave the building, at all, or if they just went for a walk around the property.
    a.) In other words, vehicles can leave directly from the parkade, and do not need to stop by the front desk anymore. However, please stop by the front desk when you return.
  3. Anyone can book the indoor meeting rooms that were available last year (Suite #161 in the North Wing, and the West Wing entrance). You do not need to be a DSP to visit in one of those spaces. They can be booked by calling Reception at 780-478-2051.
    a.) Maximum of 5 people, not including the residents.
    b.) Maximum of 2 households, not including the residents.
  4. There are no quarantine requirements from an overnight stay somewhere, out of province travel, or a hospital stay where there is no COVID-19 outbreak.
    a.) If a resident has been a close contact while away, they are required to notify Emmanuel Home and we will evaluate the circumstances and collaboratively decide how to proceed.

Finally, the Dining Room will be open to independent residents, beginning June 1st. We will still maintain the physical distancing requirements, though, and seating/capacity will be directed by how much space is available.

Thank you for all of your continued support and understanding! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

In His grip,


Darren Sinke