January 11 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Last week I sent out an email about the vaccine being made available to all of Emmanuel Home residents and half of our staff.

However, we have now been notified that AHS has altered their plans and only the residents in our DSL program (the 15 assisted living suites in the West Wing) will receive the vaccine as a first step, and the rest of our residents will receive it sometime in February. (We hope!) Emmanuel Home will still get the 35 doses for staff along with the 15 DSL residents, and this will be happening on Wednesday, January 13th.

Clearly, this is a frustrating update, and we have been trying our best to communicate with Alberta Health and AHS that we need consistency and urgency in these action steps.

With a congregate site like Emmanuel Home where there are different levels of care living together (and there are other sites like us in the province who are in the same boat), AHS and the province are having a hard time determining that some independent seniors might get the vaccine before others in higher levels of care. While I’m frustrated with the back and forth communication, I can also appreciate the complexities of these province-wide decisions. This is a real challenge for everyone involved.

In summary, the vast majority of our residents will have to wait a little while longer before the vaccine is made available to them. Rest assured, we are advocating for all of our residents to be considered as one comprehensive community as these types of decisions are being made. I will keep you informed as this develops.

In terms of COVID cases, we have now gone a full 8 days without any new positive cases. This is encouraging! A few more have recovered, and we are currently at 7 active cases.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

In His grip,


Darren Sinke