November 19 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Thank you for all of your communications over the past couple of days. There are, understandably, lots of questions, but there are also many notes of encouragement and support. This is much appreciated!

Unfortunately, we now have 3 confirmed cases of COVID in the building. The two new cases were two of the people that self-isolated as soon as we learned of symptoms from our first case last weekend, as they were a confirmed exposure.

Testing of all staff and residents, both independent and those on health care, is ongoing. These next few days are crucial, as it will help us understand if & where COVID might have spread in the last while. I’m confident in our staff, residents, and structure to support the ongoing management of this!

We will be doing testing for the entire building weekly until the outbreak is over.

We are adjusting staffing roles to make sure residents get what they need and feel supported. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any concerns or questions, we are here to help!

In His grip,