John and Alice Woudstra

John and Alice Woudstra have been residents of Emmanuel Home since the summer of 2012. They were among the first residents to move into the newly-constructed East Wing. They have also been committed donors to Emmanuel Home since Alice’s father, Frits Meyerink, moved into the Home which is now called the West Wing in 1973.

John and Alice very much enjoy living at Emmanuel Home where John sits in his easy chair on the 4th floor and overlooks the south courtyard and gardens. As the sun filters through their sheer curtains, he reminisces about his experiences at Emmanuel Home. “Adjusting to this new life was relatively easy for us,” he says, “as many of our new neighbours were also members of our church community”.

John and Alice have been blessed with seven children, 25 grandchildren and 13 (and counting) great-grandchildren, many living in the Edmonton area. Visits from family are a familiar occurrence and fill their lives with much joy. They also participate in the many bus excursions planned for residents to local IMAX presentations, the Alberta legislature, Christmas displays and other cultural destinations. Within the Home, they participate in some activities and especially enjoy movie times and resident birthday celebrations.

In the spring and summer, John can be seen tilling the soil in his raised garden bed and helping to tend the flower gardens around Emmanuel Home. He also either walks or takes the bus to Londonderry Mall where he does their weekly shopping. Alice regularly can be seen perusing both English and Dutch books in the Gerry Segger Library.

The Woudstra’s are thankful for the blessings of a comfortable home at Emmanuel Home where they experience a good quality of life as they age. They want to encourage others who are considering a move, to make that decision earlier in life, when they are in their 60’s and 70’s. Then they are more capable of making a smooth transition and can better enjoy all the amenities available to them.