September 7, 2021 Update

Good afternoon, everyone,

This past weekend, one of our residents tested positive for COVID-19 while in hospital.  Thankfully, the resident is doing well and is asymptomatic. They are also back here at home, and will remain on isolation until the appropriate time has passed.  Staff who provide care will follow the strict PPE protocols that we have become well-trained in, and we remain confident that this situation can be managed appropriately and safely.

Now, this does not put Emmanuel Home into an official ‘outbreak’ as there has been no transmission on site, and the source of the initial exposure is known.  However, it is a healthy reminder for all of us that we are not out of the woods yet, and we all need to remain vigilant in our daily activities in order to mitigate as much risk as possible.  The vaccination rate among staff & residents is very high, and, overall, our residents are enjoying good health.   But, as in all things, we are reminded of the constant need to rely on God’s faithfulness and provision!

Here are a few notes/updates:

  1. Staff & visitors must continue to wear masks inside the building.
  2. Hopefully you saw the note already, but we have canceled the Open House that was scheduled for this Saturday.  We have also canceled our Staff BBQ that had been previously planned for next week.
  3. The dining room will remain open, but we will not serve the meals in a “family-style” way for the time being.
  4. Recreation events will continue, but various adjustments will be made to accommodate situation as needed.
  5. It is not mandatory for residents to wear masks inside the building, but Emmanuel Home is strongly encouraging it as a way to mitigate risk.
  6. We are waiting for detailed information on the announced 3rd dose availability, and will update the residents once we know more!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  We will certainly update you if anything changes.

In His grip,