September 17 Update


This email/letter is being sent out to our residents & their families.


I hope this letter/email finds you well!  It’s hard to believe that we are over 6 months into the COVID-19 world and also trying to soak up the early fall weather while it lasts.


Things continue to roll along at Emmanuel Home.  The visiting procedures have been relatively low-stress, and I really appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding in adjusting to the ongoing Public Health restrictions.  We have received some revised guidelines that address some of operations within Emmanuel Home, but there are no changes to the limits on in-suite visitors at this time.


I’ve attached two documents to help outline how Public Health is evaluating the Risk Levels for an individual senior and/or a greater seniors’ community.  Please take time to read through them, as the bullet points will help you understand our approach to evaluating the risk level for all of Emmanuel Home.

  1. Risk of Unknown Exposure’ – This document does a great job of highlighting examples that lead to determining the Risk Level of various activities.
  2. Off-Site Overnight Stays’ – Residents are no longer automatically required to self-isolate if they stay somewhere for longer than 24 hours.  Table 11 will help determine what Safety Precautions are required, based on the Risk Levels.


It’s a lot of information, I know.  But, we want to err on the side of caution and education as we head into fall.  We continue to agonize over the balance between freedom & privacy vs. communal responsibility & risk mitigation.  Ultimately, though, we look to the Lord for His leading and provision as we work to support our residents!


There is one more action item for families and loved ones.  Part of our ongoing pandemic planning is constantly evaluating staffing levels and preparedness for the worst-case scenario.  If COVID-19 does get into Emmanuel Home, we have staffing plans in place to adjust tasks and accommodate the required protocols.  However, if a large part of our staff team is required to self-isolate, we do have a back-up agency prepared to provide emergency staffing.  Beyond that, we are looking for community members & family who would be willing to step in, on an emergency and temporary basis, to help with roles such as kitchen, housekeeping, and other required duties.  You could call this our ‘backup to the backup’ plan, but we want to do as much preparation as possible now, while things are going smoothly, to mitigate as much stress as possible down the road.


If you would be willing to add your name to our ‘call-out’ list when it comes to filling any gaps, please let Laura Pothoven, Director of Operations, know at or 587-414-1128.  This isn’t any sort of commitment at this time, but if we can have a short-list of people ready to go that will help streamline our reactions to the situation.  We would provide training as needed, if the call-out is necessary, so we are just looking for a shortlist of willing people at this time!


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for all of your continued support!


In His grip,


Darren Sinke