November 23 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Test results are coming in, and so far we are still at the 3 positive cases. This is a positive sign, but we eagerly wait for all of the results to know exactly what the scope of the outbreak might be. And, most importantly, our 3 residents who did test positive are doing well, overall, considering the circumstances. We appreciate your prayers for them as they are isolated in their suite and dealing with this difficult time.

Symptom monitoring is ongoing, and we will begin the next round of testing in the next couple of days. Overall, the traffic in and out of the building has reduced significantly, so thank you to every one of our Designated Support Persons who has been taking their role seriously in balancing essential vs. non-essential visits.

A few notes/updates about what to expect:

1) The resident themselves will hear their test results first. In most cases, with the amount of independent residents that live at Emmanuel Home, we will not hear the test results at all. We will hear of positive cases, but not until the next day, potentially. Either way, if you are eager for test results the best place to go is your doctor. If you do hear of a positive test, please contact us immediately.
2) We are hiring extra support to facilitate the weekly testing in a more timely manner. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we administrate this process while still providing all of the other services (ie. Meals, home care, etc).
3) We will continue to update you as things move along, and certainly if there are any changes to our number of cases.

I have also attached a letter to all of the Residents & Families from Dr. Hinshaw.

As we take on a new week, we covet your continued support and prayers for the daily work, ongoing care, and overall culture of community that continues. One day at a time!

In His grip,


Ps. This email is being sent out to residents & their families. Residents will receive a paper version as well

Darren Sinke