November 17 Update

(This email is being sent out to Residents & Resident Family members. Residents will also receive a paper memo this morning)

Good morning, everyone,

I can now confirm that we have a single positive COVID-19 case at Emmanuel Home. We have rolled out all of the necessary outbreak procedures, and will do our absolute best to provide care, safety, and comfort in this challenging time as we not only battle COVID-19, but also maintain a high standard for the emotional and physical well-being of our residents.

I know this difficult to hear. We’ve all given up so much to COVID-19, and now the uncertainty and anxiety that the next few weeks will bring will only add to it all.

I won’t pretend that everything is great. This is a challenge that no one wants. But, I will mention some of the positive indicators for Emmanuel Home in how this outbreak will be handled:

– We are confident that we know the source of the outbreak, which helps us trace and follow-up on any potential contacts and transmission. While we will not disclose the personal information of anyone affected, we can assure you that we are on top of the current situation as we know it this morning.
– Our Operations and Health Care team had the foresight to significantly stock up on PPE this summer in order to be prepared. PPE and its availability is not a concern at this time.
– All of our staff have complied with the single-site staffing rule that Emmanuel Home implemented even before the province mandated it.
– Most importantly, we have some of the best residents and staff. We’ll all step up and do what it takes to protect each other!

Next Steps:
– Testing of residents and staff will begin today
– Outbreak procedures that began on the weekend will continue
– Designated Support Persons are still permitted on-site, as per Alberta Health, but we are asking that those visits be limited to those that provide essential care services that we cannot provide within Emmanuel Home. The fewer the people that come in and out of Emmanuel Home over the next few weeks, the better.

– Communication from me will be ongoing and frequent as we enter this outbreak time. As we learn the test results over the next few days, we are committed to transparency and will let you know if the number of cases changes.
– If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to me directly. I will reply to emails and voicemails as quickly as possible to address any issues.

Finally, we covet your prayers for our residents as they cope with the challenges of restrictions over the next few weeks. We also ask that you keep our staff in mind as they work hard to keep up their good work over the past 8 months and care for our residents.

In His grip,