May 7 Update

(This message is being distributed to all residents, and also the family members on our email list)

Good morning, everyone,

I hope this email finds you well!

Beginning this Monday, May 10th, new changes will take effect around the visitor guidelines for Emmanuel Home.

The new rules, based on Public Health Orders, are:

1. Each resident/couple can nominate 4 Designated Support Persons (instead of the current limit of 2). DSPs from different households can visit in the suite, but masks and distancing practices must be followed.
a. Please contact us on Monday morning, after 9am, to begin the process of adding names to the DSP list. Our weekend staff will not be able to facilitate all of these communications tomorrow or Sunday.
i. Or, residents can hand a written note to the front desk over the weekend, which we can begin to process on Monday morning.
2. Minors can be appointed as a DSP.
3. All new DSPs must read and sign the attached ‘DSP Visitor Orientation’ document.
4. Outdoor visits are permitted, up to a maximum of 10 people. Physical distancing must be maintained. A DSP is not required to be present for an outdoor visit.

Over the past week, a survey was distributed to the residents to get a sense of their appetite for expanding the visitor guidelines. 85% voted ‘yes’ and 15% voted ‘no’. While this is a significant majority, I want to emphasize that this is all a community effort and we MUST continue to respect the fact that some of our seniors have different opinions. Please be respectful of the fears and anxieties that still remain, and be mindful of the fact that we all are working and visiting in their home!

The following rules are still in place:

1. All indoor visitors MUST successfully complete the initial screening before proceeding into the building. Emmanuel Home does have the authority to refuse access if someone does not meet the screening eligibility.
2. The Centre Wing entrance may not be used by residents, families, or visitors as access to the building. All visitors must complete the screening in the Main Entrance (new North Wing) before entering the building in any capacity.
3. Residents need to continue to wear masks in the common areas of Emmanuel Home.
4. At this time, we will not open up the indoor social visiting rooms. We will re-evaluate this in a few weeks.

Now, I know this shift in guidelines feels a bit strange, seeing as the restrictions are getting tighter all around us. But, I’ll take it as a vote of confidence in that the vaccine is effective and that the government is willing to take steps in the right direction once there is progress made!

Remember though, we aren’t out of the woods yet. If you have any questions, please reach out and we will do our best to help out. As always, thank you for your continued support!

In His grip,


(PS. I know everyone will be excited to visit. I would be, too! But, this is my casual and informal ask to remain patient, and if you can wait a few days and help us avoid having 100 new visitors show up on Monday afternoon, that would be much appreciated!)

Darren Sinke