July 22 Update

(This email is intended for the family members of our residents)

Good afternoon, everyone,

Hopefully this is the last time you hear from me for a while! Thanks for your understanding and time as we work through these changes.

Attached you will find the ‘Safe Visiting Policy’ for Emmanuel Home that comes into effect tomorrow. Please read through it and let us know if you have any questions. Here’s a summary of the highlights:

1. Residents are able to assign 2 people to be their ‘Designated Support Person’, or ‘DSP’ for short. These two people are allowed to visit the resident they are supporting in the resident’s own suite. Only Designated Support Persons are permitted to enter the building and visit in a suite. No exceptions.
2. All DSP’s must read and sign the attached form ‘Orientation & Sign-off’ before they come in for their first visit. You can bring a signed copy with you, or we will have paper versions at the front desk when you come.
a. It’s long and detailed, but contains very important information on what is expected.
3. Please notify us when you have a planned visit. This only helps us manage staffing and the flow of people around the building.
4. Outdoor visits are permitted with groups of up to 5 people, including the resident. The DSP does not need to be present, and physical distancing must be maintained at all times.
a. Outdoor visits do not need to be scheduled.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are still asking that families limit visits within a suite, if at all possible, to minimize the traffic and exposure within the hallways and common areas. To help with this, we will make suites #160 & #161 in the North Wing available for booking for families and residents, as well as the West Wing visiting area that has been available.

1. Suites 160 & 161 have been kept vacant, and will serve as comfortable indoor meeting areas in the living rooms.
2. They can be booked for a one hour visit between 9am-7pm, Monday-Saturday, by calling Reception at 780-478-2051 and will be cleaned after every visit.
3. Once you go through the initial screening by the front door, you will be given a key that will give you access through the patio door outside.
4. We will have furniture there, as well as hand sanitizer and any other items that are necessary for a safe and comfortable visit!
5. You can meet in a group of up to 5 people including the resident.
a. The West Wing entrance area will be tight for a group of 5, so it will work better for a group of 2 or 3.

More than anything else, we all MUST continue to self-check for symptoms and minimize our exposure to high risk situations. Please don’t ignore any symptoms or red flags when it comes to your own risk assessment. We’re doing well here, and want to keep it that way!

Again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Together we can continue to keep our entire community safe!