November 30 Update

Good morning, everyone,

I hope you had a restful and relatively quiet weekend. We’ve had a quiet week (in terms of new developments, at least!) at Emmanuel Home, and for that we are thankful.

I’m pleased to report that we have not had any more positive cases in the last 7 days. The total remains at four positive cases, and I’m also very happy to let you know that all four are doing relatively well in their suites.

This does not mean we are out of the woods, but it’s an encouraging sign that things are trending in the right direction. Our next round of weekly testing will begin tomorrow, and we will eagerly wait for those results to come back.

In the meantime:
– Effective today, we are requiring all Designated Support Persons to wear a mask & face shield while in the building. The mask must be a 3-ply mask, and cloth masks are not suitable.
– Staff have been required to follow this since the beginning of the outbreak, but we are going to extend the protocols to all visitors to the building while we are on outbreak as a precaution
– Please provide your own mask and face shield, if and whenever possible. If you are not able to secure your own, we do have stock here to help when you come. But, this is our PPE stock to manage the entire outbreak, and we appreciate your help in managing supply and costs.

Please continue to keep residents and staff in your thoughts and prayers. I will update you again as things progress throughout the next week!

In His grip,


Darren Sinke