November 24 Update

This email is being sent out to residents & their families. Residents will receive a paper version as well

Good morning, everyone,

We can now confirm one additional case, bringing our total to 4 residents who have tested positive. All precautions continue to be in place in order to mitigate spread, and we take each new day as one more step in this process.

As this resident was and is still asymptomatic, it’s a good example of how challenging this is for residents and staff to navigate. Thankfully, all of the appropriate PPE measures have been followed and no one else has to self-isolate due to exposure.

The second round of testing has begun this morning, and with the additional resources brought in, we should be able to accomplish this in a timely fashion. The results from this round will give us a full picture of what we are facing.

It’s hard to believe that we are already a week into the outbreak. The fear and anxiety is real and it’s so important to acknowledge these as legitimate and genuine emotions that many are feeling. But, with our residents feeling well and protocols in place, there are also many things to be thankful for among all of the uncertainties.

One day at a time!

In His grip,

Darren Sinke