November 15 Update

Good Morning,


I hope that your Sunday is off to a wonderful start and you enjoy this day that the Lord has provided!


At this time, I want to inform you that we have two residents experiencing symptoms, they have been tested and we are waiting for the results. Since we have two symptomatic residents we are required to automatically go into Outbreak mode. This means the dining room is shut down, and all meals are delivered on trays. Recreation programming halts and is postponed, Outbreak signs are posted and social visiting groups are strongly discouraged.


On Friday, we communicated that due to the increase of Covid cases in Alberta, only designated support persons are allowed to visit. We seek your help in this by keeping visits at a minimum and only when needed.


We are hopeful that the test results will come back negative and this outbreak status can be lifted soon. We seek your prayers and support as we manage these scenarios and rest assured communication will be forth coming should our status change.


May you all have a blessed Sunday,


Laura Pothoven

Director of Operations