January 5 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Another week! Tuesdays are the ‘swab’ days here at Emmanuel Home, and we continue on with the weekly routine of testing in order to stay ahead of the COVID outbreak.

We currently have 8 active resident COVID cases and 2 active staff COVID cases. While this number is obviously still much higher than we would like, I’m encouraged by the fact that the number hasn’t exponentially grown since the first cases were confirmed. This is always the first and biggest fear when a new case comes up, because of the unknown.

Overall, since the outbreak started back in November, we have had 17 total COVID cases in our residents, and 3 in our staff.

Most importantly, the health of our currently active cases is ok, and for that we are thankful. We are cautiously optimistic that things will remain that way with our current cases.

In short, we continue on! While we are cautiously optimistic about the health impact that COVID has had to date, we are also acutely aware of the emotional impact that the outbreak is having. Please reach out to your loved ones as much as possible via phone or other means. We are doing our best to make the most of the current reality, but are also impatiently waiting for the time when we can throw our doors open, host parties, facilitate a full schedule of recreation events, and get back to focusing on having a lot of fun.

As we take on 2021 together, let’s be guided by, and focused on, the words from Romans 12:12:

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

In His grip,


Darren Sinke