January 20 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Unfortunately, I must be the bearer of discouraging news this morning. After getting a heads up about the immunizations from AHS, and then a follow-up confirmation yesterday, the vaccine rollout for Emmanuel Home has been postponed once again.

This is a portion of the email we received late yesterday:

Due to the delay in Pfizer BioNTech vaccine shipment to Canada this week, your site scheduled vaccination is now on hold. Please note that we do not know the timeline of when this would be rescheduled. Once Public Health receives a new shipment, someone from PH or our team will reach out to you for new dates. Please note your site is on a priority list.

The back and forth in decision-making is causing so much strain, and I feel awful for our residents as they are forced to deal with the roller coaster. We waited yesterday until we had the second confirmation before we announced the rollout to try to avoid this exact scenario. However, we are just one small part of a massive logistics push, and this is out of our control.

Rest assured, I will once again be following up today and making sure that our frustration and fatigue is known.

In the meantime, we take on another day! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

We will print this memo immediately and have it distributed to all of the residents first thing this morning, for those that don’t have email.

In His grip,

Darren Sinke

Darren Sinke