December 29 Update

Good afternoon, everyone,

I hope you had a somewhat restful Christmas weekend, despite the change to all our ‘normals’ this year!

The situation at Emmanuel Home has evolved over the past few days as test results have been coming in. As of today, we have 9 residents and 2 staff members that have tested positive. All of the affected residents & staff have been isolating since the first sign of any symptoms, and an additional number of residents and additional staff have been isolating due to possible exposure, even though their results came back as ‘negative’. Needless to say, it has been a challenging week!

Currently, our staffing levels remain sufficient, and we continue on with the outbreak protocols that have been in place since mid-November. The next round of site-wide testing happened today and waiting several days for test results continues to be the biggest obstacle. However, the staff and residents are overall doing ok.

I appreciate the difficulty in hearing these updates. As I mentioned last week, it appears that this latest outbreak resulted in COVID-19 exposures from multiple sources in early-mid December. Interestingly enough, we can now confirm that we were 100% ‘clear’ on December 8th, based on the last round of testing from the November outbreak.

We are asking that everyone, including staff, residents, and family members, do another round of evaluation in determining what is essential vs. non-essential when it comes to visiting, activities, and going out. The strongest approach we have is the communal responsibility to take a step back and limit exposure. Yes, this is all so difficult to wade through, but the reality is that the situation can get exponentially worse if we don’t actively stay on top of everything now.

Thanks for your time and understanding and, as always, please reach out if you have any concerns. We are here to help!

I will keep you posted as things progress.

In His grip,

Darren Sinke

Darren Sinke