December 21 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Unfortunately, the update around lifting the outbreak that I was hoping to send this morning has to be put aside. We have a confirmed positive case in one of our staff members, who has been off work and isolating since the very first sign of symptoms. While we do not know if they worked while positive, due to the unknown transmission date, we do know that PPE was used at all times while they have been working. We also know that this is not linked to the cases we had in November.

Similar to that first news in November, this obviously has a significant impact on a number of our residents and staff, and until we can get test results we won’t know the full scope of the situation. It’s possible that there was no transmission, and as long as our staff member remains healthy, that would be an overall great outcome. However, we have to be prepared for another challenging few weeks if there has been spread. We have already reached out to every resident (and their families) who may have been in close contact with the staff member, and monitoring and testing will continue on just like the last 5 weeks have. We’ve always approached these challenges with both an abundance of caution and without delay, and that will continue to be our philosophy throughout.

On one hand, things won’t change much from how the last 5 weeks have gone. We learned a lot in November, and are confident in the protocols and processes that need to be followed. On the other hand, it’s a discouraging development, indeed, and I want to acknowledge the anxiety and uncertainty that this update brings.

We continue on, trusting and resting in the understanding that God is in control! Our traditions of gathering and celebrating the hope that comes with the Christmas season have all been put on pause, and that is difficult. However, that hope itself has not changed, and for that we are thankful!

I’ve really appreciated your continued communication throughout the outbreak at Emmanuel Home. I would like to offer you the opportunity to encourage residents and staff a bit more directly as they continue on. If you would like to, please email with some words of encouragement and support, and we will print them off and post them in a public area for all to see. You can attach your name to it, or just mention in your email to keep it anonymous. I’m sure it would bring some smiles to everyone!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I will update you later this week as things progress.

In His grip, as always!


Darren Sinke