December 2 Update

Good morning, everyone,

Another day! We completed the third round of testing yesterday of staff & residents, and this will be a significant indicator of where we are at. Of course, we are hoping for a clear result that would enable us to look forward to ending the outbreak status sooner than later.

Yesterday afternoon we learned of 2 more positive cases that were confirmed back on November 19th. These independent residents (a couple) were notified of the test result and isolated, but they did not notify us of the result. More concerning to us, though, is that the CDC did not notify us of the result, either. This is obviously unsettling to hear because it exposes a gap in the system that can create a tremendous amount of uncertainty. As an independent & assisted living seniors’ home, the complexities of Emmanuel Home’s different levels of care have posed a challenge for public health officials to navigate.

All of the test results from residents who are on our health care radar (approx. half of all EH residents) come to us in addition to the residents themselves. However, we must emphasize that all residents, whether they receive health care services or not, need to notify us of a positive test result immediately. Independent residents rightfully get their test results first, as it is their own personal health information. Unfortunately, the CDC does not have a flawless system for also determining if those residents are part of a congregate setting like ours, which would in turn trigger all of the next steps in reporting and notifications.

Now, there is positive news in all of this:

– These 2 residents are doing well, and are eligible to come off of isolation tomorrow already as they will have completed the 14-day isolation and are symptom free.
– Of the 6 total cases, 5 of them will have completed their isolation by the weekend, and the one remaining resident will have completed it on Monday, Dec 7.
– With the full building being tested again yesterday, the timing of the resolved cases coincides nicely with the latest test results that will come in over the next while. Those results will give us a much better sense of the current realities, instead of looking 2-3 weeks in the rearview mirror.

We appreciate everyone’s continued support and understanding over the past few weeks. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can to stay on top of the situation! At the risk of over-communicating and flooding your inbox with updates, we are also committed to transparency and bringing you along through this process!

In His grip,