July 21 – Survey Results

(This email is being sent out to residents & their families, to follow up the survey that was distributed last Friday)

Good afternoon, everyone,

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the surveys & discussion over the past few days. We had a great response!
– Residents: 100 survey responses
– Family & Friends: 191 responses
– 23 staff responses

If you’d like to view the more detailed responses, click on this link:

COVID-19 Survey Results – Indoor Visits

As expected, there is a wide range of opinions. But, regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of these perspectives, please always be mindful that the other end of the spectrum is valid and genuine. And, we have a communal responsibility to care for each other’s unique and individual needs.

Some highlights:

– 55% of the residents responded that they are ok with the current restrictions, while 41% would like to consider more flexibility.
– 71% of family responses indicated that they would be willing to at least consider more flexibility, or even have things relaxed ASAP.
– 61% of staff are OK with the current restrictions

– 54% of residents are ‘Not Very Willing’ or ‘Absolutely Not Willing’ to take more risks to allow visitors inside. 6% aren’t sure, 34% are ‘Somewhat Willing’, and 6% are ‘Very Willing’
– Only 16.9% of family respondents think that Emmanuel Home should be ‘Not Very Willing’ or ‘Absolutely Not Willing‘ to take any more risks to allow visitors inside.

– 41% of residents think that the no indoor visits policy should remain
o Unfortunately I don’t think the options provided were distinct enough in this question, so my apologies for that. But, it’s striking that only 19% selected the option that all                               residents should be allowed in-suite visits, and 19% indicated that additional indoor spaces should be made available.
– Only 13% of family responses think that the restriction on indoor visits should remain

What are my big takeaways from the results, and from the sentiments in the comments?

– The health and well-being of our residents is everyone’s top priority.
– The need for human connection and interaction is real, and we are all feeling the challenge and anxiety that this time is bringing.
– We need to do something, as we can’t do this forever and we all know winter is coming. But, there is much uncertainty in how exactly to do that.
– The majority of our residents are understandably nervous about the next steps. We need to keep this at the forefront of our minds.
o Even among those that expressed a willingness to proceed with indoor visits, there is still a strong sense of caution
– With our North Wing opening, many residents would really appreciate the opportunity to have a son/daughter help them settle in, but also don’t want a revolving door on an ongoing basis.

Next Steps:
1. We’ve had a few days to wrap our heads around the new CMOH Order. The reality is that the decision has been made for us, in that residents will have the right to choose 2 Designated       Support Persons, who will be allowed to visit in their suite.
a. All indoor visitors will have to go through screening, wear a mask & only socialize with the resident they are here to visit.
b. Visitors will need to notify Emmanuel Home of their intentions to visit indoors.

2. Outdoor visits can happen with a group of up to 5 people, as long as physical distance can occur, and the Designated Support Person does not need to be present. Emmanuel Home              does not need to be notified of an outdoor visit.

3. As we finalize the details of our indoor visiting policy which will come out tomorrow, please take note of our underlying philosophy:
a. We are still asking families to limit visits within a resident suite as much as possible.
b. There are certainly some essential tasks that need to occur within the privacy of someone’s home, and a resident will have the right to have a Designated Support person come                        into their suite.

4. However, to support a risk-averse approach as much as possible, while still supporting visits with loved ones, Emmanuel Home will make a few different indoor spaces available for            visits and strongly encourage the designated support persons and residents to meet there, instead of walking through the hallways to suites.
a. These spaces will be available to book, have direct access to the outdoors (ex. Two of our main floor suites in the North Wing that have patio access) and will be cleaned between                    each visit.

Thanks for your continued understanding as we seek the balance of meeting the needs of our community!

Stay tuned for Emmanuel Home’s full ‘Safe Visiting Policy’ that will be distributed tomorrow afternoon, and come into effect on Thursday, July 23.